Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fuck you, life.

You know every time they say you have to expect the worst so you will be less disappointed? Expect what will happen when everything goes wrong, be prepared for it. BULLSHITS.
You can't expect the worst. You just can't. The hurt isn't gonna be lesser. In fact, you get hurt even more.
Inside you, you know. You know that there's still this lil' inch of hope that everything will turn out just the way you wanted.
And when it doesn't, you fall even harder. And you know what's worse? The worst thing is that you don't know what or how to do it. Either way, you're gonna get hurt.
But you're not gonna hate life just for that, i say, you gonna fuck life back, just like how it fucked yours up.
So when you fall, you pick yourself up. And come back stronger.
Because when life says 'give up', hope says 'try one more time'
C'mon life, bring it on, whatever fucking shit you've got.

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