Monday, June 21, 2010


I am so fortunate to have such fabulous friends around me. You guys thought of many ways to help me and cheer me up. Thank you, really. :)
Money is really a very sensitive thing, but you guys actually offer to lend me money to replace my ic and all. I am genuinely touched, but i can't accept because i have no idea where to get the money to return you guys.
And to those who didn't offer to lend me money, i still love every single one of you! Recalling where and when i last took out my wallet and trying to trace back when i could have dropped by wallet. It was futile but at least i know you all cared.
Really, deep down, i truly appreciate everyone's help and concerns.

Ps: I still have no news of my ic, yet. I really hope to get it back! I don't want to replace it. Bloody asshole who picked up my wallet. Your whole family die! Urghhhhhhhhh!

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