Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My dad.

I had awesome dinner last night with dad. I finally, FINALLY, let go of my ego, and willing to take pocket money from him. I used to think that i'm already capable of earning money so i shouldn't ask my dad for money.
But it gets quite tough, especially when friend's birthday all falls around the same time, school having events and requires me to pay etc.
I will, however, return him the money once i work. Some part of me still feel bad for taking money from him. I know, everyone tells me its my dad's responsibility to give me pocket money but it just doesn't feel right when you're 18 and capable of earning money and taking care of yourself yet still taking money from your dad.
It just doesn't feel right. Just to let you see how my awesome dad looks like(my face cmi, cause i went home n changed before meeting him for dinner, haha)

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