Sunday, May 23, 2010

My bro.

Today i woke up at 1pm, my bro left house at 12pm. So this weekend i didn't get to see him again. Kinda miss him, but he damn bastard. Got gf den don't want me alrdy. Saddddddd.
Suddenly remembered something funny. Once upon a time when i was super scared of ghost, as in really scared. I don't even dare to take the lift alone. I'd call my dad to meet me downstairs, really. Ok, so i was really scared of ghost, but i liked watching ghost movies.
So one fine night my bro asked me watch it in his room with him. We watched and when it reached climax, my bro screamed into my ears to scare me. I screamed on top of my lungs and i cried. Den i ran out of his room and hugged my mum who was in the living room.
Instead of hugging me back, my mum chided me "Want to watch den still scared for what" My bro still can come out of his room laughing. "Why you run out and hug her? I was beside you, you can just hug me what."
HAHAHHAAHAHAHAH. True, but i was too scared and my mind went blank. The only thing i knew i had to do, was to run. Lololololol.
Good old memories. I miss my bro.

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