Friday, May 7, 2010


9am lecutre. Chances of being late? 100%.(Because at an ungodly time like this, i'm still awake)
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. This week is coming to an end. I hope everything i did and said are taken seriously. Somehow I find this week an awesome week, although i've been assigned 2 projects. Hahaha. My dad droved me to school. YAY. My friend confessed to me. YAY. My friend says i'm pretty. YAY. My week is awesome right. HAHAHAHHAH.
Anyway, when i was having dinner with dad last night, we talked about cca(s) and i told him i joined Outward Bound. He wasn't happy. Hahahha, my dad always wanted me to continue dancing.(I've 6 years of dancing experience) I still love dancing, but somehow just lost the passion. Somemore it's not easy to get into Ngee Ann's dance what. Soooooo, i'll stick to sports, and BE society.
Speaking about that. I hate you all for sabo-ing me during BE's meeting today. I'm obviously not the prettiest. Huiqi best lahhhhhhhh.
And those who pasted the post-it on my back, anyhow only. Paste on my butt don't know how many times. Tickle me, push me.
But ah, someone wrote 'You are the shinning star of 1D02' so sweet can. Bullshitting or what, i don't care. I like. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

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