Friday, May 28, 2010

The baker friend.

I'm stuck home on Vesak day. :(
HAHAAHHAHAA, i chose to stay at home la. Ok, more like forced to stay at home cause my dad demands my room to be clean, which means i have to tidy up the floor, the shelves, my wardrobe and study table. I took a whole afternoon to clean my room. Give myself a week to revert back to what it was before i cleaned it. Lol.
Met Jor at Yewtee to get ingredients for bakinggggggg! Den he made me pissed off. Cause i only bought my phone out, den it was raining when we finished buying the ingredients. So bo bian, must take bus.
Den he TA MA DE, FUCKING CB. He bought train concession, he refused to take bus. Bloody hell, its only 1.10(me n his's).SIBEH DULAN. I want go home myself also cannot. I have no money on me. Bastard or not you tell me.
Ok, but now its okay. Cause he's making the dough n all while i'm here blogging away. Hahahhaha. Batch 1 cookies damn awesomeeeeeeeee. My friend is a baker. Hahahhaha. Batch 2 currently in oven. Pictures of cookies tonight kay? :)

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