Monday, April 26, 2010

You made me smile.

School was alright tday, although i was late for lecture. Hahaha. Had heart to heart talk with N all day and i guess after sorting things out everything became better. Just that i don't really think we can be back how we used to be. His status on msn n fb really bothers me sometimes, i don't know why. Just have to constantly remind myself. IT IS BECAUSE OF GUILT. NOT FEELINGS. THEY AREN'T THERE ANYMORE.
Anywayyyyy. Kass came down tday. Not because she wants to see me la. Just because of her baby lor. Hahahaha. I very sum pat. Really. I ask her bf bring dudes for me to see. LOL. Gien only. Thank you YKY for waiting for my ambassador things to finish. Finally long rides/walks home aren't so lonely anymore.
Gotta do my tutorial already. Till then!

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