Sunday, April 18, 2010

3D2N in Genting with awesome peeps.

Found some time on my hands to post an entry of my Getnting trip 2 weeks ago. It was.....My first time there. Ok, i'll give you 30 seconds to laugh at me. :(

Anyway, i hadn't got any pictures of us on the way to Genting cause we were all either sleeping or busy playing taboo on the coach. We had to reach at 0630! Sleep deprived. HAHA.

Once we arrived, we attacked the food court. Very disappointing.
Strongly recommend to bring your own cup noodles. Hah!

Aftermath we decided to head to bowling. Though i don't know how to play, it was really entertaining to see them bowling the ball into the gutter.

And when we don't play...we snap snap snap. HAHA.

Went back to hotel n lepak since we've got nowhere to go. We found Mario! And we raped him. Wahahahahhahahaha.

Mario is falling down, falling down, falling down...

Hahaha, i swear i laughed for half an hour or more that time. It's Daniel's jacket anyway.

DAY 2.

Malcolm, Bob, Norman, Kass, Reb n me went for breakfast tgt while the others went their own way. My guy friends have serious mental problem. They drank apple juice n pretended it was whiskey. THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE TIME WE WERE HAVING BREAKFAST. -.-

Went up to meet the others before heading to the theme park. Girls taupok yiqian!

Checking out the taupok video. Very very very hilarious. It was too high n one of our bra unhooked. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

2nd taupok. KANGQI! Hahahha.

And after taupok-ing, we played taboo. HAHAHA. Bob was so irritated by me cause everytime we had nothing to do, i'd suggest playing taboo. Anyway, here's bob doing forfeit cause he tabbo-ed. HAHAHA.

After wasting so much time palying, we finally head out to theme park.

11 of us accompanied LOW YIQIAN to take this ride. -.-

This octopus is awesomeeeeeeee! Quite giddy after few rounds of spinning, but why not, if you can feel yourself flying? ps: Look at Norman. HAHAHA.

Spaceshot. This is the shit. I sat 3 consecutive time. Addictive.

Wasted 5o ringgit just to win nothing, but some guy could just win this amount of bear with 120 ringgit. Later we found out he was the boss of the stall.

For some reasons i love this picture.

After bathing n all, we sat tgt n lepak again.
If you are looking at Kang n me, den YAY! Cause the limelight was supposed to be on Norman's butterfly tattoo. Which we pinned him down n paste it on him. HAHA.

Day 3.

Very meaningless jump shot. I still don't know what was the purpose of this picture. HAHAH.

Headed to arcade an hour before we depart. So you could guess, we were almost late to catch the coach. HAHAHA.

Thank you all of youuuuuu. It was the best 3D2N of my life. Really. Taking care of each other when one is sick(n suspected of dying any minute. LOL.), laughing at each other cause we had unhygienic food, gossiping in the wee hours n refusing to sleep, getting chided by neighbour when we made too much noise in the hotel room, eating cup noodles n take aways together in a room, encouraging each other to try out the rides when one of us is afraid to do so, jumping on beds n making unnecessary noises, having breakfast in bed together(Thank you Malcolm for making me milo.)

Love every single one of you, don't care you got bf or gf or not. I still love you! HAHAHHA.
These picutres might not be perfect, but the memories we have are perfect. We need an outing like this again. :)

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