Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vivo/Ben n Jerry's free cone day/3hrs of talk.

Basically i went to vivo with Reb tday cause i wna have cheap food n kio the free ice cream. Which i never did because as usual, time was spent at m&s n at num chatting with Ard. Hahaha. Met up with Kangqi, Yiqian, Singying(?) n Jiahui to slack all the way till 10 or so. I actually like gossiping with the two girls though i'm not very close with them. Ahaha. After the girls when home, Reb n i waited for Ard n Trevor to knock off n then Trevor, Reb n me slacked at mac till it was 2am. Time passes really fast leh wahlau. I wanted to hear more jokes n stories but i guessed three of us were too tired n worried parents kept calling them home. If only my parents will call to ask me home. :(
Alright, quality time with Chuck Bass now ah. Kthxbye.

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