Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nuffnang-When In Rome

A sausage magnate, a street magician, an adoring painter, a self-admiring model and a charming reporter. Which sounds great for an ambitious young New Yorker, disillusioned with romance? I say the charming reporter.

Firstly, he is charming. Enough said.
What?! You got charms you win already mah.

Secondly, they(Nick and Beth) look perfect together, when they talk, when they If Beth doesn't get together with Nick then i'll take him!!! Ok, i sound bimbotic.

Lastly, he is true and real.(At least i hope he is) And that's what matters the most in a relationship isn't it?

Nick: I have a question... why do you keep giving me back my poker chips?
Beth: Because you deserve to have it back. You threw them into the fountain and wished for love, and I don't want to keep it anymore!
Nick: [looking confused] No I didn't.
Beth: You didn't?
Nick: No!
Beth: Then who did?
Nick: I have no idea.
Beth: Then this... is all real?
[Nick starts to answer and then stops himself. He climbs into the fountain with Beth and drops the poker chip in the water]
Nick: This real enough for you?

And then Nuffnang asked me to talk about 3 things i want to find in my partner.
Okay, i don't go for looks nor wealth.(Refer to ex boyfriends. HAH!)

1) He must be healthy. This is extremely important! Wahlau you imagine you met this guy, you thought he's the one. Then one day he break up with you cause he down if some serious disease and he doesn't want you to suffer cause he's gonna die. Wtf?! Imagine something worse, he don't even tell you he got disease, he suddenly die in your arms. I cannot take it.

2) He must not be picky about food cause i'm not! I can eat uncooked veggie/ginger/avocado. And many more. Haha. I don't want my partner to look at me like a freak and shout: YUCKS! HOW CAN THIS BE EDIBLE?!
Fuck you my dad n my grandma ate for years and they're still alive, so why can't i eat those?!

3) He must respect my family and friend. No matter my family/friends are uneducated/uncivilized/disabled.(Not that they are all like that la.) But he must not distant himself from them. He must be able to communicate with them because my family and friends are the most important people in my life. If he can't accept them for who they are, i believe i won't be able to be with someone like him.

Okay, not very demanding hor? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
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