Sunday, March 21, 2010

I must study.

Reb's sister, Sandra said this 'What am i going to do w/o Elaine?!'
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm serious. She really said that.
Ok la, she said that only because i'm going home n could not coach her on her physics anymore. Lol.
Last night i watched Percy Jackson with Reb n her siblings, which i could not find the awesome-ness in it at all. The only entertainment i got was to laugh at the subtitles.
'This is as far as i can go" becomes "This is the forest i go" HAHAHHAHAHA.
I am going to start reading up on my Physics n Chemistry because when Sandra asked me certain questions which i could answer last time, i couldn't answer now. Depressing. And i failed to comprehend a letter which was sent to me. My English is atrocious already. Depressing x2.
Must head to library n borrow more books. Kthxbye.

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