Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Evil dad.

I don't know where i got that immense courage from, but just now i told my dad "Eh, go Genting i might be a bit tight on cash leh, you wna pay for my trip?"
I feel so useless when i said that, really. Wahlau can earn money still wna take money from him! Ok, i'm digressing already. Den he replied "No. Going Genting is your choice, you're going with your friends, not with me. Don't even think of getting me to pay for you!"
And then, i got a brilliant idea..i tried to sound as pitiful as i could n said "Sigh, den i guess i'll have to live on bread for those 3 days, you don't think there'll be mould don't you?"
Normally parents would be heartbroken if they heard their child are not having proper meals what, but bloody hell my old man still can tell me "Won't la. 1 week also won't spoil one."
With dad like that, who needs hell?

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