Sunday, March 14, 2010

Everything in one.

I have perfect eye colour vision. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok, here's the main point, i went down to Ngee Ann on friday and enjoyed the 60cents cheng teng!!!!!!!! Elated. Lol.
Ziyang said he'll have cheng teng with me everyday in school since its bloody hell cheap.

Darius went all the way to Atrium just to ask the people in the office one question. The question is: Where is the toilet? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.
This is inside joke lah. Hah. Darius was bullied by Jonathan and Ziyang the whole day. I swear i didn't bully him. I just said something to make him go: Oi! What the heck! NOOOOOOOOOO!!

And then i headed over to town to meet GQ at night who treated me to Xing wang. Thanks bro! :)
We saw ah gua and we sat down somewhere to stare at him/her. So fucking afraid he'll walk over to us. Lol. And then GQ bought me to see frog which apparently escaped from Jurong Frog farm.
Ambush! HAHA.

The next day i went to Daniel's(aka Kokbeng) chalet and met my long lost friend(s). Okay la, primary school friends only, not long lost. Lol. Priscilla and Christina taught me a new game called snapjack. I think 80% of my energy was used up there because i laughed too hard, got too high, got slapped on my hand too much. HAHA.
Azhar came down to join us to red house and then when we returned to chalet we just talked all the way till 5am. I hate poodle. Fuck you poodle. Hahahaha, Azhar. Thank youuuuuuu love. <3

Okay, i need to see Chuck bass already. I'll be back.

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