Thursday, February 11, 2010

Triple Ds.

Last night was awesome. Drank with some friends, ok, not 'some friends' but pretty good friends, male and females. (:
Somehow i think we went a lil bit out of control. Finishing the first bottle, get second bottle, finish second bottle, get third and fourth bottle. Maybe we were all too high. Lol.
Things got pretty extreme towards the end, cause we decided to drink the hard liquor itself, w/o mixing it with non-alcoholic drinks.
But thumbs up to all, we remained sober. I haven't felt like that for a long time, a feeling that i can't find any words to describe.(It's my problem, my vocab's terrible).
Let's do this again, but not so soon though. I don't want my liver to have problem functioning. Lol.
My dad told me: I don't know how much you drank last night, you better don't do it so often. Eat this, this will..Eat that, that will..Oh, and this, it it'll..

Moral of story: Don't let your dad know you're drinking or he'll cook you awful breakfast that he claims will be good for your body after consuming alcohol.

ps: My pay's out. Super cool. 1,234. HAHA.

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