Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blogger's event: KFC's Egg Tart.

Like i mentioned in my previous post, i went to Omy's Blogger's event held at Suntec KFC.
Very awesome. I found my answer to a question pondered for years;
Which come first? Chicken or the egg? I say the Chicken.

Before you start to argue that there wouldn't be Chicken w/o the egg, i suggest you read on. Haha.

Hailing from Macau, it follows an authentic recipe developed by the famous Margaret Wong who made Portuguese egg tarts a legend. KFC Singapore is proud to offer these Portuguese egg tarts so that Singaporeans can enjoy the authentic taste of Macau.

The picture below does no justice to how delicious it actually look! You'll enjoy a delightful experience when you bite into the egg tart and savour the custard, so smooth, creamy and light - it just melts in your mouth.

Bloggers were given hot pipping(or is it pipping hot? Ok, i think its pipping hot la.) egg tarts to taste and it was awesome.
The crust is simply crispy(which i love), and when you proceed to attack this sweet thing at the center, the custard isn't what you'd expect from a normal egg tart. I can go on and on how awesome this thing taste so i suggest you go try it yourself. HAHA!

When the KFC management told me about this, i was very excited. How did they think of that?!
Haha. Because Valentine's day falls on Chinese new year, the box is designed to have a heart-shape on both sides of the box.

Perfect as gifts to delight families, friends and colleagues especially during this Chinese New Year festivity.
I gave a box to my aunt and she was delighted, cause she claimed KFC has the best egg tarts. Haha. She tried them few years back in China and imagine her joy when i told her KFC Singapore now has it too!

One of the good people from KFC management briefing us and getting our feed backs.

You should really be jealous cause after we ate the Egg Tarts, we were given Chickens/the Meltz/Popcorn chicken/Winglets all on the house.

This is the moment when the Omy's producer said: Ok, bloggers, you can all take out your camera and snap all you want.

I decided that snapping the bloggers snapping the egg tarts would be 100x cooler.

Camera man(in grey and yellow stripes) instructing the poor KFC guy how to serve the egg tarts to us so it'd be perfect for the filming.
It ain't easy. His hands were trembling, and the moment was awkward.

And because we were awesome, KFC gave Omy's bloggers complimentary box of egg tarts!

Yes, i do feel the need to haolian here. Cause who gets complimentary egg tarts so easily?
What's more it's from KFC?
Because you'll only get complimentary Pepsi/2 pcs Chicken from KFC, i get egg tarts. HAHAHAHAHA!

Ok, now let me explain why i said chicken come first. Just because KFC introduced Chicken first, then Egg. So i say, Chicken comes first. Lol!

Wacky times with fellow bloggers.

With Omy's producer, the good people from KFC Management and fellow bloggers!
(credits to: for the pictures)

Because i know you're salivating already, this crispy yet fluffy pastry is available at $1.30 each and in case you're greedy like me(cause one is never enough) or thinking of getting more for someone special, these mouthwatering temptations is also packed in a special box of 6 at $7.50.

And because you shouldn't be deprived of good food, KFC Egg Tart is available all day at selected KFC restaurants.(Refer to
Perfect for breakfast, high-tea or dessert after having 2 piece Chicken at KFC restaurant.

Treat yourself to this yummy temptation now!