Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Firstly, i regretted not participating in my cca regulary. Imagine what 2 grade difference could do to my 13pts.

Secondly, i scored B3 again for English. SERIOUSLY. Is it that hard to get an A?!

Thirdly, i passed my math. I've been failing for the past 5 years of my secondary school life. Even failing throughout the year of 2009. Thank you Mr Tan JL, Jerald Lie, Teo KangChee, Tan SiewYu, Tan SiewSia, Jonathan Lee and Tay Ziyang for making it possible.

Fourthly, i am eligible to apply for NgeeAnn's advertising and Public relations. YAY!
Bad news is that i am 1 point above last year's cop. But i'm still gonna apply for it.

Meanwhile, i'll just cross my fingers..

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